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La inventora offers multimedia creative services. Digital craft, digital marketing and communication. It's a conceptual facility made digital; an invented digital destination launched to ideate new concepts and projects. An invented digital crafter run by a "self-taught" wannabe creative engineer devised to deliver end products that work.

Most of the published work are assignments from clients or employers. You'll also find some mockups and pitches. Clients, final clients, employers, somehow contributors and mentors: Minivegas, Porsche, Amsterdam Museum,, Ripley's, Sunweb, Hamo Studio, Videoclub Tibidabo, BEB/BBC3, mneTV, DeGiro, Spotzer, Parkmobile, Live Work Studio, DMARC, FX Animation, Pavlo Sánchez, among others.

At the moment, I am looking for part-time online opportunities.

Enter as guests, live as friends!

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La inventora, 2013 - 2021